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Thank you for visiting the website of Banca Popolare di Sondrio (SUISSE), hereinafter also called BPS (SUISSE) and for your interest  in its products and services.
BPS (SUISSE) attaches great importance to ensuring adequate protection of the personal data it acquires and processes during visits to its websites.
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Object and purpose of the policy
The protection of privacy and processing of personal data of visitors to our websites is very important to BPS (SUISSE). We are aware that you are entrusting  your personal information to BPS (SUISSE); please be assured that we take our obligation to protect and safeguard this information very seriously. This policy describes the type of data we collect from visitors to our websites, the purpose for which we collect it, the manner in which we process it, the persons to whom we may transmit it and the security measures we have adopted to protect it. This policy is applicable to any data acquired by BPS (SUISSE) following your visit to its websites. It is not applicable to any Internet site controlled by third parties that you may access by following links from BPS (SUISSE) websites but which are not connected to BPS (SUISSE).

Data processed
Whilst you are browsing the BPS (SUISSE) websites, our server automatically stores certain information related to that use (for example your IP address and the website from which you are browsing, including the date and duration of the connection). We also acquire any personal data provided to us, for example the personal details that users enter on registration pages (first name and surname, gender, address, email address, telephone and fax numbers).

Purpose of data processing
BPS (SUISSE) uses personal data:

  • for client and user management;
  • to inform clients about our products and services;
  • for the purposes of general or personalised marketing campaigns;
  • for further development of digital channels;
  • for the fulfilment of legal and security obligations;
  • for other purposes stated in connection with the use of certain products and services.

BPS (SUISSE) complies with the applicable laws and regulations regarding the use of personal data.

Transfer of data on the use of electronic services
Your data is not used by BPS (SUISSE) for any purpose other than those listed. Data on the use of websites may be transferred to third parties where permitted by law, if BPS (SUISSE) is obliged to do so, or if transfer of the data is required to exercise our rights, in the event of any dispute regarding contractual relationships in particular. We may also disclose data to service providers with the stipulation that it is used solely for the purposes for which it is provided. Any person or entity that receives data is required to comply with the applicable national and international data protection laws and with the BPS (SUISSE) data protection regulations.

Security measures
BPS (SUISSE) has taken reasonable technical and organisational security measures to protect the personal data we collect from you through our websites against unauthorised access, misuse, loss or destruction, taking into account the applicable legal and regulatory requirements.

Transfer of data via the Internet
In general, the Internet is not considered a secure environment and data transferred via the Internet may be viewed by unauthorised third parties, with potential risk of disclosure, changes to content and technical issues. Even if the sender and recipient are resident in the same country, any data transferred via the Internet could be transmitted outside national borders to countries with a lower level of data protection than that required in the country of residence. Please be aware that BPS (SUISSE) accepts no responsibility for the security of your data whilst it is being transferred to us via the Internet.

Cookies are small text strings stored on users' computers in order to track the web pages they visit and their preferences when browsing and are sometimes used to save settings between sessions. Cookies allow developers of electronic services to collect statistical data on the frequency of visits to certain areas of a website to help them design websites that are more useful and more accessible. BPS (SUISSE) websites only use technical cookies that allow browsing and access to the sites, specifically PHPSESSID and JSESSIONID cookies.

Links to other websites
BPS (SUISSE) websites may host third-party content or links to third-party websites that are not operated or monitored by us. Please note that these third-party sites are not subject to this privacy policy and that BPS (SUISSE) is not responsible for their content or personal data processing principles. We recommend that you consult and check the individual privacy policies or terms of use of third-party electronic services.

Questions and contacts
If you have any questions about the processing of personal data, please e-mail us at

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